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    Does anyone know where I can buy Pierce running board step plates? Thanks, Jim


    It will be interesting to see if there are any Pierce specific running board step plates out there.

    I’d think you could take a blank plate, available as attached, and either engrave the Pierce name, or make an insert.

    Personally, I think step plates are period correct for teens or twenties cars, but detract from the appearance of thirties cars.,4581.html


    I agree with David I don’t think step place flatter any car built from 1929 in later .


    A few year back I was threatened with “death by a thousand cuts” if I ever considered putting step plates on my Series 80, 7-Passenger, DeLuxe Sedan.

    The Gentleman who made the threat was George Teebay! HA!

    I believe that George felt that the cut-off was for teens cars.

    But, what do I know!

    Just passing on an open threat.


    Well, now that the gloves are off, I said they may be period correct, didn’t say I liked them. Personally, I think they’re silly. To “protect” the running board rubber, one drills four holes through it and squeezes it down with a plate. I don’t think they add any value or appearance to any car. Whew, feel better now!…


    My father’s 29 had them but my Pierce is a 31 so I guess I’ll forget about it and save some money also. Thanks guys


    As noted by others, running board step plates have unforeseen consequences. They collect moisture between the plate and running board rotting out the rubber and the board itself. Once the rot starts you are well underway for a complete running board restoration.

    Happy Motoring.


    I have them but never put them on my car. However, I want to keep them in case I ever decide to do so…..


    Hi all!

    I bought a set of 4 for the 29 phaeton. I also slit my wrists and bled money to purchase a set of the porcelain emblems to mount on them. Hopefully they will look fantastic with the running board marker light between them. ;)

    One vote for the step plates!!!!! ;). Those dam lawyers have to cause problems!!!! Lololo

    White wheel update. Chrome is almost done. Reasembly next. Hopefully back home first week of October. A Ferrari wheel aficionado is doing them. NO black stallions on the centers please. :D


    While I do not particularly like the appearance of them on the twenties Pierces with the Pyramid aluminum running board material, or the earlier ‘Battleship Linoleum’ covering, the step plates DO perform a needed function: protecting the very soft, easily bent, deformed and scratched running board covering.

    A person’s foot will be carrying some body-weight and will be rotated or swivel on the ball of the foot when entering or exiting the cars, The resulting wear becomes very noticeable with only one driving season.

    With the cost of the Linoleum, or the Pyramid aluminum covering, and the work needed to replace it, I think the step plates might be a good idea.

    On the ’29 and later cars, with the ribbed rubber running board covering, I think the plates aren’t really needed, since the rubber is much tougher and scratch resistant than the earlier covering materials. They are a personal choice.

    My ’26 Series 80 Town Car, custom body by Derham, has rubber running board covers with moled-in, one piece step pads at each door. A nice feature for a custom body car.

    Greg Long

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