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    I recently ran across a seller on Ebay who is selling out a collection of automobilia and noticed on one of his ads a collection of P-A literature that included a national roster.

    The roster was dated form 2004 but, seeing that made me just a little uneasy, there are a lot of names and addresses in that roster.

    Call me paranoid but, does anybody else out there not like the idea that your names and addresses are out there for sale to the general public?

    Hopefully, if the literature does sell, it goes to a fellow club member, but the idea of all that info going out to someone who is not a member just doesn’t sit right with me.

    Thoughts, feelings?…



    While you may not have expected your roster information to be generally available there is no question that anyone can find this information about you on the web in just seconds, at it will be more current and available than via an old roster.


    The Pierce-Arrow Society does not share the Roster information with anyone outside of the club. Unfortunately we can’t control the actions and unlikely repercussions that may derive from the careless handling by a single member, past member or the family of a (deceased?) member. Let’s hope that these items are purchased by a more recent P-A enthusiast who will use them only in a positive manner to become more active in the club.

    The benefits of having members be able to easily contact each other about things Pierce-Arrow far outweighs the danger of that information being occasionally handled imprudently by a careless possessor. Any organization that doesn’t strive to connect its members for common good will have difficulty with long term survival. In a club like ours the roster is one of the primary ties that keeps us together.

    James makes a very valid point about anyone being instantly exposed in our modern society. It seems to apply to anyone and anything except the government and even there is limited only to the ability of hackers.It is troubling that privacy no longer exists, but the only alternative is to withdraw from society entirely and become a hermit…while secretly driving unlicensed, uninsured Pierce-Arrows on dark hidden roads?


    Very well said, Dave! The PAS can’t control the eventual fate of printed rosters. Access to the online roster is controlled by usernames and passwords so that trolling bots cannot (I’d better say “probably cannot””) obtain this information.”


    All of you make a valid point, nothing is really private anymore.

    It is scary to be able to type someones name in a computer and, not only get their names and address, but a map to the house as well!

    I guess I looked at it as all those names and information just out there to get in someones hands that would only view it as an opportunity to take advantage of it.

    But, looking at the situation as a whole, who knows how many of those old rosters are out there floating around.

    Thanks for all your input.


    We now live in a different world to when our Pierce Arrows were new!

    With Google you may be able to run but you CANNOT hide!! Must make Government information collecting on us MUCH cheaper!! BUT also it enables we ordinary citizens to find out what we want to know in a free & easy way that wasn’t available way back when! Which ALSO makes it harder for Authorities to hide stuff from us. So it cuts both ways.—-Jak


    in the same vain of information available and information gathering tonight Sunday April 14th at 9:00 FOX News has an hour special on the new government data center being built in Utah that will have data storage capabilities that outsizes all of the computers currently in operation in the US. If you think your information won’t be in there…


    A year ago, my city’s (Norco, California) water 18″ transmission pipe twelve feet below the street in front of my house and property burst causing more than 5,000,000 gallons of water to flood my house, garages, gardens, etc. The city did nothing but replace a fifteen foot length of that pipe and repave the street. It was left to me to hire a private company (Servpro of Santa Ana) to rebuild my house and hire an attorney to negotiate the city for my expenses. In so doing, that company used many employees to remove all my furniture, ornaments, kitchen cabinets and appliances, carpets, flooring, etc. and begin the process of making my house livable again. I kept many Pierce-Arrow and various auto mascots in a locked cabinet which I had to unlock so they could be boxed and stored in Servpro’s warehouse until the work was done. Six months later, my house was ready for all my belongings to be returned to me. However, I discovered that several household items and classic car mascots were not returned. The Servpro company claims they returned all items they originally removed from my home and garages. I ask that any car collector (especially PAS members) who is approached to buy one or more P-A mascots please check with me to determine if such item(s) were stolen from me. The specific items I am concerned about include a “straight up” wheel with arrow for teens Pierce-Arrows, helmet wearing archer attached to base and radiator cap for a 1930 P-A, a foot long chrome plated arrow with base for attaching to a radiator cap, forward mounted wheel with arrow mounted on repro radiator cap for 1920’s P-A, a Franklin Mint reproduction archer and a Minerva–both mounted on display bases, and an original series 80 forward mounted wheel with arrow. I appreciate any member who can assist me in locating these stolen mascots.

    –Jack Combs (951) 454-6545 or [email protected]


    If I want to use the entire membership list of the PAS inappropriately all I have to do is pay $45 for a membership, get the printed roster, and scan it into my computer. Easier than using a phone book.

    Geroge is right — the benefits of exchanging information far outweigh the potential problems, and we can’t prevent them anyway.

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