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    I knew She wandered a bit: checked the toe and found about +2 inches if you can believe it. I searched and did not find it but I recall an article somewhere about setting toe. As I recall the spec is +1/4 inch.



    The process is involved to say the least.

    Someone else should chime in on this one, but I seem to remember that it requires a CHAIN to measure the distance.

    Or, you can take the car to a service station that works on BIG trucks and they can do it for you.



    I did a rough check by measuring from the same rib on each front tire with a steel tape. It is so far off that precision wasn’t necessary to find the issue, but I do want it right.

    I haven’t looked at the rod ends or adjustment mechanism provided; will it be obvious to a shop how to make the adjustment? I figure anything I do with reasonable accuracy is an improvement.


    The tie rod ends have threaded end caps. Remove the cotter pin, use a large screwdriver type tool to remove the end cap. There are shims on each side of the 1/2-sockets that are on each side of the ball-pin attached to the steering knuckle arm. Move shims from the inside of the ball pin to the outside of the ball pin to reduce the toe-in.

    Take a look at your parts manual page on the steering parts.

    Greg Long


    The front end alignment specifications for Series 80 are:

    Pitch of the front wheel in inches: 1 1/2

    Toe-In in inches: 1/16 to 1/8

    Axle camber in degrees: 2 1/2

    King Pin Inclination (Caster): 0

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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