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    Anyone familiar with “ Green Gripper” woven linings? I read about it being used as lining for various vintage cars with positive results. McMaster-Carr doesn’t list item number 6224K115 any more, but Champion Technologies of Eugene, Oregan, seem to be the manufacturer and have it on their web page.

    After driving Greg’s touring car, I know I have incorrect lining. Of course I am full of questions: how to make the rivet holes in the lining, and on and on.


    Randy,  One book I strongly recommend is ” Vintage Veteran BRAKE Repair Manual” by C. Perham.  It was published in 1980 and have found it very useful in setting up the brakes on my ’29.  It also has a good section on relining brake bands and shoes and a discussion on adjusting series 80 & 81 cars.  This book is available on Amazon (price not shown) and E-bay ($26.95).  Internet searching does show several companies offering to reline brakes for antique / historical vehicles.  I expect you could specify the friction material to these firms that you want used in this process. Herb


    Thanks for your post; I love books and my copy is headed my way!


    I know exactly what you are up against!  I replaced the brakes on my 27 S80 roadster this past winter.  The previous owner had the brake shoes relined with modern linings and the car would not stop.  My 14 and 18 Cadillacs with only rear axle brakes stopped better.  I took the shoes to Reno Brake in Reno NV and they fixed me right up.  I had previously had them reline my 18 Cadillac brakes and they are great.  I also have a friend of my that used Reno Brake for his 27 Cadillac and he is very satisfied with their work.  They knew exactly what I wanted so here is the information off the invoice:

    FSC M9011-Woven Lining w/rivets

    Total cost for 4 linings (one axle) was $171.57

    Reno Brake

    POBox 7452, 500 Sunshine Lane, Reno Nevada 89510





    Thank for this contribution!



    That is valuable information.

    Perhaps it can be added to the Parts and Service Directory as a supplier of these hard to find commodities.

    Maybe David White will notice this and do so in his usual, excellent way.



    You should talk to Chris Diekman as he is chair of the Parts and Services Directory.  I’m sure he would be happy for the new info.

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