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    <p style=”text-align: center;”>I am in need of a horn for my series 80 runabout. I believe it should be a klaxon. My question is what is the proper model of horn. Several are on eBay. Thanks.</p>



    I am pretty sure it is a Sparton AU and not a Klaxon horn. It has been a while since I owned a Series 80. I think all years take the same horn.



    The Lester-Steele Handbook, Automobile Specifications, 1915-1942 shows that Series 80 P-A had Sparton horns.


    Hello Calvin,

    The Series 80 ran a Sparton SOS horn.

    Ebay is likely a good source for finding that particular style Sparton horn.

    If you cannot find one after a while, you might double back and see who besides me has a spare.

    I am confident that some PASer has one with which they will part.



    Yo, Calvin,

    There is a nice selection of Sparton SOS horns on eBay.

    One of the best things about it is the breadth of the listings.





    Calvin, this photo of a 1926 Series 80 shows the Sparton AU horn, you should be looking for your car. It is a motor driven horn.  The Sparton SOS was used starting with the 1929 Models. After 100 years a SOS horn could find its way to a Series 80, but it did not leave the factory with this horn. Karl



    Thanks for all the replies. I too have seen many pictures now showing a Spartan au horn on series 80. I have fortunately found one on eBay with the correct mounting bracket. I think what confused me was that my series 81 does not have a Spartan au horn. So that one is probably not correct either.


    Calvin, the correct mounting bracket is a casting. All head bolts but one are standard bolts, the horn mounting head bolt has a stud that the horn mount attaches to the head with a nut. If you find the mount is tin stamping and not the casting when it arrives, I do sell a repro for the series 80-81s. They are a raw casting and need to be drilled for the three horn bolts and the stud. Karl

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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