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    I’m investigating the timing on my Series 80. I have the port cover off on the top of the bell housing. I barred the engine until I found a tag labeled 1&6 IGN plus some other marks related to valves, riveted onto the flywheel rim forward of the ring gear. So far, so good. With the engine idling slow and a timing light on the secondary of cylinder 1’s ignition, the tag is nowhere in sight, so the flash indicating cylinder 1 ignition is not where I expected;
    this is with the lever on the steering column in full advance position.
    Is it possible to install the flywheel in the wrong position so the factory timing mark is not correct?

    I was hoping to maybe add a couple degrees of advance, and see how it runs, given higher octane modern fuel. I would like to know where I am, though.


    Update: I found some of Greg’s posts which clears this up for me.

    No further reply needed; thank you again, Greg!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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