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    I need to obtain a plated metal radiator cap for my Series 80: I have a MotoMeter that I think will look nice there. The only new ones I have found are at Restoration Supply and I have no idea what the thread should be or what fits. Suggestions?



    Great topic, I have been wanting one for my MotoMeter also.



    Randy and Ken,

    I have a number of nicely plated Dog-Bone style radiator caps WITH working Moto Meters, all of which the fit the Series 80 radiator.

    The Pierce-Arrow radiator neck is different (female threads / big size) and it is extremely hard to find caps that fit.

    If either of you, or anyone else viewing this discussion, has interest in what I can offer, send me an email and I will send you photos.



    The correct thread is 2″ diameter by 16 TPI, [threads per inch]

    Beware: there are also a lot of 2″ by 14TPI. This thread is used on my Chandler and a few other makes.

    It seems that the slightly coarser thread caps survived at least as well as did the caps for a Pierce.

    I use a measuring tape, and rest it against the thread tips. If the tips exactly match the 1/16″ marks on the measuring tape, it is correct. if there is a progressive miss-match of the thread tip to the 1/16″ markings, it is wrong.

    Blonder/Murray used to have brass repo caps with the correct thread. I don’t know if anyone else is making replacement caps. A PAS member made some black Delrin caps a few years back, I do not know if there are any more available.

    Either a brass cap, nickel plated, or a black bakelite covered cap would be good for a motometer’s use.

    Greg Long


    The problem with acquiring a correct cap is that you have to BUY IT to see if it fits.

    Sellers on eBay are often intentionally or unintentionally dumb about offering correct measurements.

    In addition, 9/10 of the eBay finds that I made required re-plating.

    Paul Jacobs from Buffalo is the Gent who made the Delrin cap.

    I believe that he has none and has no plans to launch another run.

    Many of us do limited item projects, but those are really not money making efforts.

    Also, I would never drill an original bakelite covered P-A cap for a Moto Meter, as that cap is near impossible to find, as is the original nickel plated Parking cap.

    You just have to keep hunting.


    A machinist friend may see this as a worthy challenge: billet brass or stainless maybe.



    Great! I suggest that if you make a project, solicit for pre-paid buyers.

    Finding P-A radiator caps is tough, so you should have a good response.




    BTW, brass needs plating while SS just needs polishing and is near identical to nickel in color.

    I can also provide a model for your machinist, if you wish.



    If I can get him to agree the loan of a model would be greatly helpful.



    Thank you, I would be interested.



    Re:Pierce Arrow Radiator caps

    I would like to get a spare cap for my 1915 C-3. The same cap was used for the cars from 1912 through 1915.The cap for Series 4 and later has a different thread.My original cap is stamped underneath PVC Poughkeepsie,NY

    #5 and is 2 inches in diameter.



    I stand corrected, Paul Jacobs is offering his Radiator caps again, perhaps based upon recent demand.

    Check out the Emporium.

    Also, William, Paul should be able to tell you if his caps will fit your car.


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