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    Assuming I can change a typical pinion seal, is there anything to be aware of in changing the seal on the ’27 Series 80? I will of course need a new seal.

    I would like to stop the leak as one of my Winter projects.


    The seals are a felt washer, with a metal ring on each side, the metal rings compress the felt so that it is forced against the pinion shaft or the drive hub. They are far from a perfect grease/oil seal.

    I’m sure that a modern rubber/silicone lip seal could be fitted to do the job, but I do not know anyone who had done the research to find the correct seal part number or if a seal carrier would have to be machined to hold a modern seal.

    The easiest way to reduce the leak is to keep the gear oil level about 1″ below the fill/check plug on the differential. This will not harm the lubrication of the gears at all, but will reduce the gravity pressure of the oil against the meager sealing abilities of the felt ring/washer.

    Greg Long


    Great Information and just what I needed to kmow. I will

    Leave itvalone until I am better-prepared for a successfull outcome.

    Thanks, Greg!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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