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    Hi; I’m looking for a rear hub puller to enable brake inspection and repair. If anyone has thread and dimension specifications and will share,  I have a machinist buddy who has offered to knock one out for me.



    You can have your machinist buddy come measure you hub directly with a micrometer and a thread gauge. Measure the hub first with a ruler or tape, so he will know what size micrometer to bring.

    Attached are two pictures of hub pullers from my copy of the “Pierce Authorized Maintenance Equipment” book. There are no page numbers, but you can see the different concepts. The Thomason type will be the most versatile, as you can mThomason Type Hub PullerakThomason Hob Pullere it work with either of your cars by having two different thread inserts made.   Good luck with the essential task of reworking the brakes.   Herb Tull


    Randy the correct puller for your Series 80 is 3 inches 16 threads per inch. Karl



    I have a Very Nice one that I MAY BE Willing to LOAN YOU, but you will have to Guarantee that I will GET IT BACK!

    You would have to send me the TITLE to your car, just in case, or your First Born Son!

    HA! HA!

    Let me know and we can work out a plan.

    Best regards,




    Did you ever get a hold of a hub puller?


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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