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    I would like to know something about how the glass fits into the frame, how it seals, etc. if anyone has repaired one.

    Just as well admit it now: I need to know everything about the Series 80…



    You have a Coach and I have a DeLuxe.

    You have a one-piece windshield and I have a two-piece windshield.

    I assume that you need to remove your movable windshield frame from the car and then remove the screws on the ends / sides / top / bottom of the movable frame to remove the glass.

    If you are replacing the windshield, then you need to get your Glass Guy to make sure that there is a BUG (indicia) on the windshield certifying that the replacement glass is laminated.

    You cannot participate in a PAS tour (officially) if your car does not have laminated windshield glass.

    On my car, I had that BUG placed on the lower right part of the windshield so that I could mount the State Inspection Sticker behind the BUG.

    In that way, I had the BUG / indicia, but it was camouflaged by the Inspection sticker.



    My Car’s frame is a little rough; I found a company that makes replacements and I may do that rather than try to smooth it up. Also there is not a rubber gasket, but I found glass mounting tape in one of the antique car catalogs.

    I want to know all I can before I start taking something apart that I am unfamiliar with. Mine is painted, and I don’t know if it should be painted or chromed, things like that I have to learn. I understand and agree with the laminated glass issue.

    My state does not require an inspection on antique-plated cars, which is a break.

    Thanks for the information!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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