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    I received one in the mail a few days ago. I thought it was a bit odd since I don’t own a P-A yet!


    Greg and James,

    Thank you for bringing this issue up on the Message Board. I just became aware of it two days ago when a couple of members called me to complain. Since then I have spoken with several other members and find that this inappropriate solicitation might well be wide spread not only in the PAS but other car organizations.

    I have made the Board of Directors aware of the situation and we are in the process of dealing with it.

    On behalf of the Society please accept my apologies for any inconvenience or frustration this might have caused.

    Kindest regards

    Ralph McKittrick



    I have 3 letters from him in the last 18 months. One also came from the CCCA roster. While I don’t have a problem with a collector sending out a letter I don’t want to be bothered by a dealer. A phone call to me last week by a new PAS member commented that he made an offer on his open car at 30% of what he paid last year. It’s not a great way for a new member to come in contact with people of the PAS for the first time. Ed Minnie


    I got one of these letters too as well as one earlier this year that was from the CCCA or Packard Club roster.I have also been approached by an auction company via email.I suspect they are seeking people who have to sell due to the economy.


    I also have received letters, not only from Peter Kumar, but phone calls from Mark Hyman’s secretary in Florida, etc. Throw the letters in the basket, and think pleasant thoughts: like Hershey is just three months away.


    Hello All,

    We too receive phone calls and letters from dealers. I have no problem with them as they are from dealers trying to make a buck (who are members). There may be someone out there who needs their services. I realize their offers are usually low but that’s what makes the world go around. If the same dealers transfer club members’ names and private info to others then I would have a problem with it. If we find that happening then we deal with it as best we can.

    I agree with Tony, throw them in the round file and go drive your car.

    Happy Motoring

    Rick and Liz


    Tony and Rick have it right. I expect we will put something in the next roster saying that we do not condone commercial use of the information in the roster. The Society will take whatever action we can to protect our right to the information in the roster. But the fact is that not much can be done to prevent these nuisances.

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