some parts I need for my work in progress 1925 ser. 80 4 pass. touring

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    I am now beginning the engine work and would like a repair manual (even a copy)

    need a gas guage, motor meter, primer pull,winshield post pads

    (has anyone used what is offered by Metro) also need a trunk

    with tha angled back to match angle of body. I know this is a partial list but any leads will be appreciated.

    I am axious to finish and drive this car.



    Hi Jim, there are no engine repair manuals, back in those days, mechanics ‘just knew’ what to do, how to repair and even how tight to tighten [there are no torque-specs for headbolts or other engine fasteners].

    I know gas guages are tough to find, motometers can be found on Ebay, the primer pull may be reproduced again by Greg Loftness, you might try him.

    I’ll look for a trunk, I might have one with the slanted back.

    Greg Long


    Hi Jim, John Cislak should have a good used primer. Give him a call. Ed



    You should contact Wayne Hancock for a reproduction gas gauge. They are not exact, but they will do the job and look pretty good. As for the Moto-Meter, be careful on ebay for those with the red fluid showing all the way up, as it is usually burnt off and they do not function. Don’t believe the sellers that tell you that you can shake the fluid down, as it will not work. A good seller of these items will tell you if it works. Many sellers say they do not know how to test them (like put the bottom in hot water, duh!). You will be able to snag a good one on ebay if you are patient.

    If there are other things that you need, be in touch and I may be able to help.

    Good luck,

    Peter Williams


    Hi Jim, do you need the spring-loaded primer valve that is screwed into the intake manifold, or the ‘T’ handle [knob] on the dashboard that is labeled ‘PRIMER’ ?

    Greg Long


    Thanks to all for the responses. I just need the “T”” handle will call Greg Loftness. Will also call Wayne Hancock.

    Do the prongs that engage the throw out bearing on your seriese 80 have non metalic pads on them? mine do but none of the others that Dad has are that way. I do not know if it is after-market add on?

    Jim Follis”


    Hi Jim, I’ve never seen anything but metal-to-metal. so I’d say you are correct, it’s an after-market item. Not a bad idea, as long as the non-metalic material will hold up.

    Jim: I meant to call you back, but got busy with a flight, is this the clutch question you had??

    Greg Long


    I have owned Nostalgic Reflections Co. for 41 years and we make reproduction parts for antique vehicles. I have attached a picture of some of the Pierce Arrow parts we have made. We do cloisonne, stamping, acid etching, screen printing, water slide decals, radiator scripts, medallions, bike badges etc. Jerry Turner 509-226-3522 Nostalgic Reflections, P.O. Box 350, Veradale, Washington 99037

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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