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    I just had the tires mounted on the rims of my 1933 1247. One is a 700-17 and the other is a 700/750-17. Both fit into the wheel wells just fine , and the metal cover goes over the 700-17 with no problem. However the 700/750-17 will have a tight fit with the wheel cover. Are they always tight or should I let some air out of the tire and only use one spair for now? Also my car had no way to tie the tire to the spair tire bracket on either side. What does this part look like? I will post the link to the flip video of Bill Lawton and I on the first test drive soon. Thanks Doug Vogel


    Hi Doug. I ran my car with 750s in the well with very little air in them. I carried a small compressor to pump them up in the trunk. After many years of touring, having seen so many close calls with side of the road repairs (flat changes), I now only will change a flat at the garage and NEVER will change one on the road side. For the cost of a tow (or use AAA) the car doesn’t get any paint damage, and there is no problem with the small jacks, ect safety should always be number one. Ed


    I use 650’s in the wheel wells, but they are in full wheel covers. No one cares if they can’t be seen. Should I have a flat on the rear I can either exchange with a front tire or change out both rears. The diameter of the 700’s is about 1.5 inches larger than the 650’s.


    Thanks for the advice guys, and Ed Do you use a 6 volt electric or a small gas air pump ? Thanks again . Doug

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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