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    I finally bought a set of dies for my crimpers so I can do a proper job replacing the plug wires.

    The current set is a modern suppressor core wire set with the rubber boots cut off on the plug side and the ends removed for the cap.

    My question is, what type of plug wire would be correct for a late ’29?

    I thought I had read that both the shiny and the dull, black cloth covered wire are considered correct for that year.

    And it should be a stranded, copper core, right?

    Thanks in advance for any input you guys have on this. :)


    John Cole in Rochester, N.Y. made the proper wires for all years and makes. His son-in-law has taken over for many years since John’s passing. I have bought many sets from him. Google him up.


    Craig, PAS judges have always said Black lacquered wire is correct. The plug end of each wire has a brass tab that pushes into hex fitting screwed to each plug. I have reproduced this end and sell them for $52 a set of eight, plus postage. If you need them I have them in stock. I will post a photo of them when I get home. Karl



    Buy from within the Society!

    It supports members who go out of their way to make the correct items for our special cars.




    What years are your product correct for?



    I am anxiously looking forward to a picture of that end.

    Thanks Karl!


    Craig, Here is a photo of how the Brass end is used at the plugs. Tony, they would be correct for all 1929,30 and 31 Pierces. Thanks, Karl


    Interesting and informative thread. Thanks Guys

    Does anyone know how many feet of wire are required for an 836, 8 Cylinder?

    #403229 is my go to guy for copper core black lac. wire and for any cloth covered wires used on all Pierce Arrows. He should be able to tell you what length you need. I just order 100 ft rolls so I never checked the min. amount needed. I always solder the brass tab to the plug end before use. He sells wire, not made up harnesses. Karl


    Good site. Thanks Karl


    Brillman, right down the road from me in Virginia, is also a good source for early style wire and fittings….


    Ditto Rhode Island Wiring.


    Thanks for all the links, guys.

    I have added all of them to my favorites.


    I’ve just received my spark plug wiring set from: Cole Ignition & Mfg., 52 Legionair Drive, Rochester, N.Y. 14617. Phone/Fax (585) 342-9613. Like Tony said John Cole passed away a few years ago, however, his wife (Hilde) is carrying on the business. I’ve been ordering spark plug sets from the Cole’s for many, many years and have never had a complaint. Just let them know the length and ends you’ll need. They do have some records, of past sets made; so, call, to be sure. Prices are very reasonable.


Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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