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    I just got the springs on my 1932 Model 54 Club Sedan well greased and want to purchase some covers to help keep the grease in and the dirt out. My questions are:

    1) Has anyone had experience with covers from either of the two suppliers on our parts list: White Post Restorations or Rudy Rosales?

    2) Any other recommended suppliers?

    3) In terms of ease of installation, ease of removal, performance, and price, how do metal covers compare to leather ones? I realize that the leather ones are not authentic.


    Joe Vogt


    Hi- I do part time upholstery for White Post, they used to do leather covers for springs when Sig Nurstheimer was the trimmer there, but I haven’t heard of them doing covers since then. You can call, W.R. Thompson runs the restoration side of things now, his father Billy runs the cylinder sleeving operation. They would farm it out, as they have me doing early cars (a 1922 Hudson now, and they now rarely do early cars), and another retired trimmer doing the “new” cars they are restoring.

    I could do a set for you in a few months, I’m too busy right now. Not looking for work, though, I have another “real”‘ job. Best- David Coco Winchester Va.


    I have a set of ‘gators’ from Rudy. They are excellent! He is relatively fast, considering the nature of our ‘addiction’. The last leather covers were used in the early part of 1930, and metsl ones used thereafter. However Pierce would do anything reasonable to satisfy a customer, and I would think leather would be quieter.

    In either case be sure to use plastic sheathing between the spring leaves before you put on the covers. See Restoration Supply. Never have to lubricate the springs again.


    Does the plastic sheathing try to work its way out from between the leaves (like all 1932s, my leaves have no clips)? How many miles does the sheathing last if used in “normal” driving? Does one still grease the springs to prevent rust? Should you put a sheath between every pair of leaves or just some? Any brands besides Poly-Slide? Thanks.


    Ask Restoration Supply for specifics about the plastic liners. Mine have been in use 2 years and 5000 miles. So far no problem. Must use between each leaf. Not necessary to grease. If you do, you need to determine what kind of grease, as plastic can absorb some oils, and damage them. Gators will probably help keep them in place.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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