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    I have heard the term ” spring gaiters “”. I have no Idea what they are or where they are used. My Series 133 Is supposed to have them

    Thank you

    Bob Krauss”


    Hi Bob,

    I think that this is synonymous with the steel segmented covers over the leaf springs.

    Happy Motoring,



    They may be leather, or as Chris says metal. I attached a site for the leather ones. My 836 has metal ones.



    Here is some info, from a “lesser”” car site. They basically keep dirt out and oil/grease in on leaf springs.”



    Thank You for the Information. Now for the next question. What are the proper “gaiters” for a 1929 series 133, Brougham. Would they be metal or leather or does It matter as long as you have them for judging purposes.

    Bob Krauss


    I put leather on my 1930 model C, I believe that 1929 and 1930 used leather, and then Pierce went to metal. The leather gives an interesting and “official – old car”” look to it. Most restorers went to metal. The term ‘gaiter’ refers to leather.”


    Were the spring covers an option or were they standard on all PA’s?

    I ask because I have never seen nor heard of any type of spring covers on our very original ’29 that was purchased by my grandfather in the early 60’s.

    The car was purchased from someone who ‘flipped’ the car having purchased it cheaply from the original owner so the car has pretty much only had two owners.


    I checked my ’29 parts manual and I didn’t see any reference to spring covers and they were not shown in the assembly drawing for the springs. I conclude that they were a dealer added item.

    If that’s true then IMO there should be no deduction if they are not present.



    I believe I found them in my parts catalogue for 1930 by reading every line in the book. Descriptions are not always clear. I think I also found reference to them in the 1929 catalogue, but it has been years Rick Leroy has the best part of my lirary and my be interested in looking for them himself – he is restoring a 1929 model.


    Here is the listing from the RROC for leather gaiters.

    Gaiters, Leather Boots:

    Rudy Rosles


    Custom Made Gaiters, Leather Boots, Fabric couplings

    Cleveland, OH

    Also sells Prewar R-R parts


    I bought mine from Rudy. Good job. Measure carefully – he is exact.


    Here is a photo of a 29 that may be the most original car at the meet this year, a never before seen 29 sedan. It will run for the first time in about 25 years tomorrow.


    Here is a shot of the all original 29………..it may be the most original 29 that has survived. Only the wheels were painted back in the 70’s. It ran today for the first time in 25 years. There was a large local get together tonight, we arrived a half hour late. Car ran perfect with no shake down. We didn’t even have time to put the hood or side mounts on it. Be sure to look it over at the meet in Buffalo next week.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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