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    After reading the last PAS service bulletin on Stromberg UU-2 carburetors I thought it might be helpful to post a short comment about new reproduction parts currently being made. Last week I was in Jon Cislaks’ shop (Classic Auto Restoration) and he was machining new UU-2 float bowl gasket support brackets like the one in the article. The old supplier has apparently stopped producing them a while ago. While I was there he had four Stromberg carburetors currently being rebuilt. One was a UUR-2 and three were UU-2’s’. He makes quite a few other parts for the Stromberg’s such as new oversized throttle shafts, new large and small venturies, main jets, power valve springs, ect. He also has some used parts available and is getting ready to make new replacement float bowl covers, as there seems to be quite a demand for them as the old pot metal seems to be failing on most of the carbs. He can be contacted at Classic Auto Restoration, 33 Briggs St, Indian Orchard MA 01151


    Sorry I didn’t post his phone number. It’s 413-543-9017


    Ed, did you ever locate a source for side mount tire locks? I am looking for two for my 1930. I think that you mentioned at Lexington that you might have a set or were looking into getting some. Thanks.


    Havn’t come across a set yet, thought I may have located 3 repros but it fell through. Looks like we may have to make them. Ed


    Check with Dave Murray of “Blonder-Murray Reproductions””. See vendor directory.”


    I got my set from Blonder-Murray for my 30 victoria coupe.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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