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    We are going to a wedding in Calistoga, CA next week. We are going to be in Big Sur, Carmel, San Francisco and up the Napa Valley.

    Are there any Pierce oriented things to see in these areas?

    I know I should delay the trip by about 50 days for Pebble Beach, but it isn’t my wedding.

    Thanks in advance.



    Hi Bill,

    You’re on the right track with your itinerary.

    In San Francisco, you could stop by the Academy of Art University Car Collection – they have about a hundred+/- cars, including 6 Pierces, ’31-’38, including the ex-Bernie Weis ’38 convertible. Contact Paul Borgwardt at 925-947-2937 or [email protected] (yes, no “D”) asap to arrange a visit. Tell him I referred you.

    In Santa Clara, PAS member John Bertolotti has a big ‘teens collection, with about 10 Pierces. If he’s hard to get, talk to his mechanic, Dan Erceg, also in the PAS roster.

    If you can get over to Stockton, you might see if Pat Craig (PAS member) is available – he has about 20 Pierces in his collection.

    I think there’s still a ’33 Silver Arrow at the Blackhawk Auto Museum in Danville, but the SF Academy of Art has one, too.

    And while you’re in San Francisco, go to the corner of Geary and Polk, and look up at the top floor of the 4-story building – the words “Pierce-Arrow” are engraved in the walls on both sides. This was the dealership from 1914 – late twenties.

    Have a great trip!

    Bob Jacobsen

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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