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    I need a set of sun visor brackets for my 1929 133 coupe. I would be interested in any partial sets you have or complete assemblies. If no one can help, I would be interested in having some sets made. I have a correct set on my 1930 Model C Sedan to use as a pattern. Like all my other projects, I would make a few extra if anyone else needs them. If you need a set let me know and I will make this a Winter project. I do not have a cost, or require any monies up front, just a list of names who need a set. Thanks, Karl


    See Dave Murray, of Blonder – Murray.


    Re castings for internal accessories, is anyone making the Grab Handle castings, these are in 2 parts , also internal Door Lock actuator,for the Model B, Thanks Phil



    I need a set,




    Again, see Dave Murray!


    Joe, I’ll keep you posted on the progress. W H, I had talked to Dave, and he has made some in the past, but has nothing for sale at this time. Philip, the small foundry I work with does sand castings if you have an old one to work with they can produce them in bronze. They will require finishing time. They are not “art”” quality but have kept many Pierce Arrows going over the years. Let me know if I can help. Karl”



    I have a 1930 Model B Club Sedan. I need the sunvisor brackets for it, if they are the same or close to those on the Model C.



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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