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    Hello all. It was nice to see and be with many of you in Kerrville. We are receiving word that our The Arrow Editor Roger Sherman is being recognized by OLD CARS magazine with its annual “Golden Quill Award”” for “”Those publications that lead the way in advancing the hobby need to be recognized.”” Roger has received this before and it speaks to his good work and our fine quarterly publication.



    Henry, thank you for the notice. I’m please to hear that Rogers fine work is being recognized beyond our group.



    Congrats to Roger for being recognized for his excellent work on The Arrow….


    Congratulations Roger. The award speaks to your hard work and dedication for the benefit of all in the Pierce-Arrow Society. Well done and thank you.


    Great honor, and well deserved!




    Congratulations once again, Roger! Highly deserved!


    Congratulations Roger. Fantastic job, well deserved.


    Congratulations Roger. Well deserved.


    We can all be proud of Roger’s work on the Arrow. And, we can be happy that whoever wrote the Emporium article on “?The Arrow? Receives the Golden Quill award for 20″” doesn’t write the Arrow.”


    Thanks Roger for your efforts to make the Arrow our collective Pierce-Atrow ensign.


    it is something that i look forward to receiving and keeping each and every issue. best wishes roger


    Congratulations to Roger! Thanks for his excellent work on the Arrow.


    Congratulations Roger!

    Old Cars Weekly, May 17, 2016, “Golden Quill Award” article at link:

    Excerpt: “Clubs do some of their best communicating thorough a publication, whether in print or, as some clubs choose, online. The club’s ‘face’ for many of its members is the publication. It is a friend coming to the mailbox of members, a cordial handout to prospects, and a ‘fun read’ that keeps members going in the same direction. For some clubs, the publication is the cement that binds the members in a common goal. Car club magazines often are the first things read in daily mail.”

    Roger, when The Arrow arrives here, it is immediately read cover-to-cover, often starting right at the mailbox! Please keep up your great work!


    It’s a great honor for Roger and the Club!


    Congratulations Roger!

    Of course this is just a continuation of the excellence that Roger has demonstrated since becoming the Arrow Editor. We are all very appreciative and grateful for his constant efforts.


Viewing 16 posts - 1 through 16 (of 16 total)
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