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    I am looking for the last remaining car of 15 or 20 built called a ‘Lende’. Believed to be in a museum. Is there an index of cars available from each museum, and an index of museums available?


    There was an attempt to index the car museums by Automobile Quarterly in 1992. The book title is “Directory of North American Automobile Museums”. Another effort covered Europe titled “Motor Museums of Europe” by William Stobbs in 1983. Although dated, these were quite helpful and contain some car listings. I cannot find any mention of Lende in either book. If you google directory of auto museums you will find several listings of museums. An example is which was helpful in compiling our Pierce-Arrow museum directory.

    To determine the inventory of each collection it is necessary to visit each museum website. Some have complete inventory listings while others show highlights. The reference book I have shows that the Lende was manufactured 1908-09 in Minneapolis. Is this the car you are referring to?


    Thanks for the information. I was asked by a grand daughter of Mr. Lende to see if I could find the only remaining car. The entry you found is the correct car company and location.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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