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    Made it home safely today with my new 1937 model 1702 4 door sedan thanks to David & Jane Barclay hope to have it show ready by Hershey you all gonna half to put up with the frankinpierce just a little bit longer.


    Congratulations Eric!

    We’ll look forward to hearing all about it next month in Michigan at the Gilmore Gathering.

    Stu Blair


    That is AWESOME Eric! Bravo and congratulations! Hershey will be a great place for its “debut”” too! What a great outcome for you guys AND the car!”


    Eric — we are all VERY happy that you got that ’37. Greg and I looked at it just before the meet. I thought I might be interested but decided it was more than I wanted to get into. You are the perfect man for that car.

    I’ve no doubt that you will get it running right and well very shortly.

    Thanks for coming to the meet.

    So glad to have you in the PAS.

    — Luke


    Looks Great! Beautiful car! I was hoping for the debut of my car at Angola but that didn’t happen. Still hoping for Gilmore this year. Doing the paint next year, but it should be mechanically perfect.


    You have a big smile on you face…… you should. Great car. Enjoy the journey, take your time, do it right. The mighty Pierce twelve can be a handful to sort properly. Enjoy!




    i know that you will be in touch with the other PAS members with experience on getting your 1701 rolling along as a Pierce-Arrow Twelve should.

    Remember that it will pass anything on the road, that is, EXCEPT a gas station.

    This is a Great Group for advice, and remember to ask a few the same question and then sort out the answers offered.



    Eric is a quick study, I’m sure he’ll be a v12 expert soon. Congrats to him on getting this special car!


    Taking both sets of head’s to get mangnafluxed today hope I get one good set


    Good luck with this great riding car!


    Duane, was this car your old car?


    yes, it was a great tour car if you can stand less than 8 mpg


    I think this is going to be a rude awakening my frankinpierce gets a cool 27 to 30 mpg at a crushing speed between 75 & 80


    this car will out run any prewar Packard or Cadillac on the freeway. But in doing so, you will not pass too many gas stations!!!


    Good news both sets of head’s checked out good had them trued up gona lap the valves in and maybe get the head’s bolted on this weekend inbtween my other projects

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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