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    We Made It

    Both the 1925 Series 80 and the 1923 Series 33 owned by Jim and Barbra Payne made the journey, both ways, from Knoxville, TX to Angola, IN. Total round trip, with meet tours, was approx 1,400 miles.

    The only issue seen between both cars was a broken 40 year old fan belt on the Series 33.

    Preparation was made a month before leaving the Knoxville area to ensure both cars could handle the long trip. The basics of oil, spark plugs, and cooling systems were done ahead of time.

    The Series 80 is a proven car having many years of service under the care of Al Abrahamson. The cooling system and drive train work as designed, even with the added overdrive.

    The Series 33 has not seen this many miles since the Hoover Administration. This car was once owned by Fred Tycer of Dallas, TX and was considered one of his show pieces of the collection. With 34,000 original miles the car preformed as a Pierce-Arrow should.

    The route from Knoxville, TX was as due North as anyone could expect. We were able to travel in a North, Northwest direction from Knoxville to Lexington, KY, to Madison, IN, to Angola, IN. Round trip with the meet tours, and back, brought our final mileage to approx 1,400.

    During this entire trip Barbra Payne and Walt Hamski (at 101 years old) followed in the Suburban to assist as needed. Driving a modern car at Pierce-Arrow speeds is harder than driving the old car.

    The average speed of the Series 80 was 48 mph

    The average speed of the Series 33 was 42 mph.

    Below are some of the pictures of our trip.


    Preparations starting the first week of May to make the round-tip to the PAS Meet in Angola, IN.


    A lunch stop in Jamestown, KY. A little rain with more to come.


    The overnight stay in Russel Springs, KY. It rained, and rained, and rained.


    The overnight stay in Greensburg, IN. We drove 200 miles that day crossing into Indiana.

    By the way, it rained.


    Making the corner in Russel Springs, KY. The Series 80 leading the way.


    Heading down the road……at 42 mph….


    Made it to the PAS National Meet.


    Checking the map. Don’t want to make that wrong turn….


    Congrats on the trip to you and Jim!



    Explaining all things Pierce-Arrow to the people at the gas station.

    A LOT of people walked up asking what year our Model A’s were.


    At the meet ready for the first tour.


    Leaving for one of the tours.


    On Tour…..


    Being followed by Randy in his Series 80.


    and don’t forget the show…… a little more rain.

    Glad to hear you all made it home OK. Sounds like a great trip.



    Did you take some Midwest RAIN back to So Cal with you? You need it there and we have more than we need…obviously.

    Quite an adventure. Congrats to you and Jim on being the long distance winners!



    “Super awesome job” to you and Jim, enjoyed meeting you and spending time playing with our cars.

    Don Benham


    Thanks so much for the photos. Glad you had a great time in spite of the rain.


    Thanks for the photos and the story.

    Looks like you had quite the adventure.

    Ben, will you guys be at Cruisin’ Grand this year?

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