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    Timing chain arrived today from Egge. Ramsey made it in Charlotte, NC, about 3 hours from me, shipped it to California then shipped it back to me. I asked for a drop shipment but was declined. Go figure



    Bill, can you find out if Ramsey will deal direct?

    Greg Long



    I haven’t tried lately, but previous attempts led to being directed to a distributor.

    I think some of the people who used to cater to our kind are gone.




    I even tried to sell them steel for them and got nowhere.



    I believe that I bought my timing chain from Ramsey Products when we rebuilt the engine on my Series 80.

    Perhaps, they changed their policies since that time.



    They directed me to Egge.


    Egge is a Good supplier!


    Interesting thread.

    my understanding may be insufficient, but silent chains are not much of a mystery and there are several manufacturers; no doubt specialist engineers are around who can determine critical dimensions from an original and duplicate a given chain; or alternatively, sprockets can be made to fit a given crank and cam and a different modern chain used.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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