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    Eric, OK, so it will pull a Bobcat, but will it pull your ’37 1702?

    See you & Chris at the GAG next month!


    Hmmm… I am no expert, but that Pierce doesn’t look stock to me.


    Lookin good Eric!



    I’m pretty sure that Eric’s ’30 Pierce could tow BOTH his ’37 1702 AND the bobcat with little problem.  The only problem might be finding or building a trailer capable of that long and heavy a load..

    I looked over Eric’s creation at the  Great Lakes Region’s ‘Spring Fling’ and it was quite impressive and very well done.

    Greg L



    One more Pierce saved from the scrap heap – it’s a really good thing.  Congratulations on the interesting vehicle you built – it has a high Cool factor.  From the overall look, I agree that towing power is more than adequate but would worry more about stopping power when towing the car and bobcat as Greg suggested. It looks like you have addressed the issues around a ’30’s manual brake system under such a heavy load, so that concern should already be solved.  Good luck and safe journeys – I’ll see you next year.  Herb


    I am glad to see that we can agree that saving an otherwise neglected body is worthy of appreciation and not saving appreciation for only original restored cars. I for one am one that is interested in seeing not only the beauty of the original design but also the creativity on modern owners based on what they have to work with.  Good job on this build

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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