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    I have two queseions:

    1. Were all the trunks in 29 metal or were some fabric covered? I know several co were used so the make up of the trunks were a bit different. Just wondering if some were leather covered.

    2. Could somone post a pic of the correct wiper motors for a 29 Phaeton. Was the driver motor diff from the passenger?

    Thanks to all. Rick


    Hi Richard, I have about 15 Old car trunks for sale. Late 20’s and 30’s. Some are metal and some are wood with a black Pantasote covering. I’m in Minnesota. If interested I’m in the P-A roster or email me. What size is your trunk rack? Jim


    Hi Jim

    I’m not sure I truly need one. Some people say mine is incorrect. And too small. The trunk with luggage sounds cool. Please send a pic and price. [email protected]

    Thanks. Rick


    Both wiper motors I believe are the same.I think they are Trico.My 1929 Roadster has her beautiful original pair of wiper motors down to original plating.I will try to get a photo and I can also research to see if they were the same for another car.Some 1930-1931 Ford A open car wiper motors are similar looking.There is a person on Ebay who deals alot in wiper motors

    for older automobiles.His name is Ron Monte.I got a beautiful nos 1930-1931 Packard open car Trico Folberth motor with original chrome from him.


    thank you . I greatly apreciate the help and pics if you can. Rick


    As far as the wipers are concerned, 90 percent of the cars I see have Model A Ford chrome plated motors installed. I had the original motors for my ’31, they had a lot of engraving, etc. It is expensive and a nuisance to jump through the plating, rebuilding hoops, etc. I finally sold them. Many people are upset when you tell them they have Model A wiper motors. You buy them all plated, put them on, case closed.


    Hi Tony,

    You are not alone. I have found some major car guys who buy military wipers and modify them. they look very close. Thanks Rick


    Contact Ron Monte at 973-236-6164 or 973-226-3607 He may be able to help you on wiper motors that are very close.Keep in mind that at this point in time finding 1929-1931 Pierce Arrow Phaeton-Roadster hardware is virtually impossible so you may have to do something that is close.Trico made most of the wiper motors for the industry in that period.


    Willam, Thank you so much. Im learning a ton and finding out how many of you must have had frustration breakdowns in looking for the right parts for your cars. lolo And I have only been doing it for a few months. :)

    Thanks for the numbers.Rick

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