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    Hi all,

    Over the past few weeks, I have tried over and over to load new photos. Unfortunately, the site will not take my photos. It does the upload but they never appear on the post.

    Is anyone else having this problem? Suggestions on fixing this if no?

    Thanks, Rick



    You probably need to adjust the resolution of the photo. I post my photos at 1200 pixels on the long side and it has worked every time. If the photo is higher resolution, you will need to downsize it using a photo editing program. Windows 10 comes with a program called “Photos” that has a resize function in it. I use a free download photo organizing program called “FastStone”. It has a resize function under the edit tab.

    Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to post multiple photos in a single posting.




    Thanks. I learned a while back that I could only load one photo at a time. It has always worked well up to a few months ago. I have the same phone and computers. For some reason, the photos will not upload.

    I will try your suggestion. Thank you so much. Rick


    If you need more help with it, let me know.



    It must be something with my phone. I rebooted my laptop. All photos worked except the ones that came from my phone recently. ????



    Can you e-mail me one?

    [email protected]


    Resized to 1200×900 pixels.


    David thank you for the clear message on how to post pictures to the website.


    Dave thanks for the help. The photo is the latest pic of the 29s engine and grille. Only a few more pieces to assemble, then back to the body shop for some tiny paint fixes then off to the upholstery shop. It is looking phenominal




    Very nice Richard!



    You are going to bring this the meet in Auburn this summer,right? We all have been following the progress and want to see it in person. Dave


    David W.

    It depends on two things. If the upholstery is done and my work calendar. I have to take off time at least 2 months in advance. I have come to learn to never trust a time estimate given by any vendor. lolo

    If not this year definitely next.


    Rick, sort of off topic for this thread, but did you use the stock fan hub or did you pick one up from John Cislack?

    If that is one of John’s you can’t tell it’s not original at all.



    It is the original from 1929 :) It polished up nicely. Im not sure how the mechanic did it, but is now sealed. Does not throw grease.


    p.s. Craig,

    It never ceases to amaze me how many tiny parts there are to put this beast back together.


    Richard, throwing grease isn’t the problem, and in fact the originals were lubricated with oil that was distributed by centrifugal force. If there’s grease in it, it won’t get to the bearing surfaces correctly.

    If a fan hub fails, and they do fail, then expect major damage to occur. The Cislak hubs are cheap insurance, and you never have to worry about them again. I’m running an “original” on my ’31 phaeton, but the fellow who restored it in 1960 reworked the hub in much the same way as Cislak hubs are designed.

    And yes, I agree, when you start adding up the number of parts, and thinking that each one had to be designed and made (or specified and bought), it’s amazing that cars could get put together….


    Richard, your car is looking wonderful !!

    Even if the car is not 100% finished, it would be neat if you could bring it to the Meet this june.

    Since the restoration of your car has been a very well documented and well discussed subject, it would be great to see your car ‘in person’. And of course you would get to see and compare with many other Pierce Arrow cars.

    I am planning on bringing my ’29 4p Sport Touring to Indiana.

    Craig: the John Cislak fan hub only has a very narrow ~1/8″ band of naked aluminum showing when installed, This is very easy to paint and it is an invisible upgrade. I have installed several on my cars and on others’ .

    Greg Long



    Misspoke. Oil, not grease.


    Greg, The fan hub is an upgrade I have been pondering for some time now.

    Looks like I will have to grab one before he decides to stop making them, I’d rather not have my radiator destroyed if the hub ever let go.

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