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    Hi, everyone,

    I was browsing through the website for the upcoming Geneva, IL Concourse and spotted a late model Pierce with an unusual body. It almost looks to me like a town car with a transformable rear section. I’m attaching a photo. The owner was not identified with the photo. Does anyone recognize it?




    Bill: This is a 1936 1601 convertible sedan formerly owned by Ted Fosgate, and now Dr. “Gus”” Levisay. It is the same as mine but with no division window.”


    This looks like Ted Fosgates convertible sedan after the car was restored. Owned by JS of Fort Wayne, IN and was at the Kalamazoo PAS meet. Mate to TZ convertible sedan 1601 without division glass.


    Thanks, guys.



    I met Dr. Levisay at this year’s version of the Geneva show. He’s a very pleasant fellow and I hope that we’ll be seeing him at future events. He had the engine on the ’36 rebuilt this Spring and he intends to tour with it. I’ve already encouraged him to come to Rochester next year.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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