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    Hello all you PA guys. i want to thank everyone for all your help with my 1930 Victoria so far. i know that there are very few Victoria coupes out there but i am now looking for some photos of the front seats. and maybe a used windshield frame, i think it is the same as a 29-30 sedan.


    Hi Ed, do you have front seats? or are they missing? I have most of a pair of front ‘bucket seats’ from a ;25-’26-’27 series 80 2 door coach. There are two seat bases, the hinges, the back, some but not all the springs.

    I do not know if the seats are the same size or design as on the Victoria coupe.

    The seats each fold forward to allow access to the rear seat in a 2-door car.

    I’ll look to see if I have any photos of series 80 2door coach seats.. the ones I have do not have any fabric or padding, just some poor condition wood, and the hinges and some hardware.. I might have photos of some of those pieces.

    Greg Long


    Greg, thank you for your response…i have set of seat backs, i need to see how they attach to the floor and what they look like in a car….i do need seat bottoms.. i would think the two door cars are the same, even 29-30 studebaker maybe…edward


    Hmm, I don’t remember if I have spring sets for seat bottom cushions or not. The seats are in Oakland/SFO area. I don’t remember right now what is stored out there.

    I’ll see if I can find out what is there.

    The seat bases are attached via 4 bolts, passing through the base, through a wood block to lift up the bottom of the seat off the floor, and to add a bit of height to the seat. The bolt goes through the floor boards and is tightened from below the car. I will double check on my memory about this bolt arrangement as well.

    As for the cars being the same, it would depend on the width of the body/interior.

    Can you measure the width of the seat backs, and the width of the interior from the rear door opening to the opposite side, from latch to latch. This can be compared to the ’26/’27 series 80 2door coach body dimensions, then we will know if the seat bottom cushions I might have.

    Greg Long


    Greg Hello again, my inside measures from side to side in the middle of front door at 47 inches and 54 at the rear of front doors side to side. i would think that the seats sit on some kind of adjustable tracks….Ed


    Most car seats, even ‘bucket’ type seats did not adjust fore and aft until the ’33 models, and then, the adjustment was just the seat, not the back. My ’33 836 is like this.

    The right front seat in a 4-passenger coupe, also often called an ‘opera coupe’ does not slide, but rather folds twice, the back folds flat on the seat cushion, then the two fold forward to be under the instrument panel, leaving the floor clear for the legs of a person in the back seat.

    Hopefully someone will measure a ’28 or earlier 2 door sedan so we can compare measurements.

    Greg Long

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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