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    Hello Edward, welcome to the PAS.

    If you would post the chassis serial number and the engine number, we might be able to look up some previous owners.

    The chassis number is on an aluminum plate that is riveted to the frame just behind the right front wheel, just about above the rear spring shackle. The engine number is on the left side of the engine block, just above the water jacket, and just below the head and head gasket. Right in the middle, there is a flat raised area where the engine number is stamped.

    There are a lot of ’30 cars, so finding the parts needed should not be too tough.

    The AACA library might have some literature available for your car. Reprints are available.

    Greg Long


    Hello Greg, thank you for your quick response. This PA has been in PAS since 2000. the numbers have been transferred over to me. if you need me to post them i can Edward


    Hi Ed, welcome to the club. I have lived in western mass for 50 years and have never seen or heard of your car. If I had known it was local to me I would have tried to buy it also. It’s a great car, and I like the lines very much. Most parts for a 30 can be found over time. I think you will find if you keep contact here and at meets with club members you will find most everything you need. Start as soon as possible making a “want list” and keep it with you at all times, often at meets or shows there are parts available. Just for background information, the PAS people will refer to your car as a “Club Brougham”. Cadillac called it a town coupe, Stude used the term St Regis, and there are probably another half dozen that refer to the same body style. Most PAS people are rather proud of their cars, and pride of ownership makes them use the factory nomenclature. The Club Brougham is a favorite body style of many members. They sure look good when finished. Looks like you have a project that will make you very familiar with Pierce Arrow cars by the time you finish it. Please try to come to the meet in Buffalo NY this summer. It’s the best place to see cars, buy parts, and make contacts. GOOD LUCK! Ed. PS a photo of a similar car to yours.


    Hello Ed,i think it will take me 20 years to make my PA look that good.. i believe a man named Ferro many of sold it in 1999-2000. i need good photos of the front seats for a start and an 18 inch locking ring…



    Welcome to the wonder world of Pierce Arrow ownership.

    This group of folks is the best bunch you’ll ever find and there is an endless amount of knowledge given freely here.

    I really like the way Pierce designed the rear of your car.


    Great body style, Edward, that will be a good car for sure! Make a list of what you need, and start looking now. Some things are easily available, some are harder to find. If you’re missing headlight rims and lenses, they should be out there but a little harder to find.

    Best of luck with the new acquisition!


    In looking into Ed’s car I learned in 1930 the series C called the car a Club Brougham, and the B was listed by the factory as a Victoria Coupe. Egg on my face again. Well, there were 132 Victoria Coupes built, and just 6 remain. To me it will still be a Club Brougham, as the 1930 was the only year it was named in this way.


    Ed, a Club Brougham in ’29,’30 did not have a trunk, the ’29 and ’30 Victoria coupe had the ‘1/4 of a barrel’ trunk as part of the body. I can’t remember what a ’31 Club Brougham had for a trunk, but the ’32, and ’33 had a nice trunk that had a styled shape to flow with the body lines. The ’32 had a gap separating the trunk and body, the ’33 had the trunk as part of the body,

    Greg L


    Here is a ’32 Club Brougham.


    I think I put the top insert in that ’32 Club Brougham!

    That was a really interesting experience. The fellow had done a top insert himself, and it was flapping in the wind since it hadn’t been stretched enough. I offered to fix it free, if he’d buy another insert, since he was a friend and local.

    Took the “old” top off, noticed he’d used long nails, went to install the new one (in the hot sun to stretch!), but there was little to no wood to tack to…and looking further, all the wood around the edges was charred!

    Taking the covering off, saw that the ENTIRE TOP wood framework was charred and half charcoal. The retired owner was a woodworker by hobby, he took a week and replaced it all in place, a beautiful job.

    We could only figure that the dome light shorted, started a small spark, and the wood gradually surface burned.

    One of the strangest things I’ve seen while working on old cars.

    Another note, I like rear mounted spares, as it really cleans up the profile of a car, but the large trunk on this body style sure makes it awkward from the back.


    Edward, welcome to the PAS! and thanks for posting the picture of your car. I think artillery wheels like yours in their last few years of production are really nice.



    Thanks everyone for the response. In the PAS roster there is only three listed and one is this one. i believe there was one very nice one in Texas that burned up in a fire last year….Ed



    Im another new owner of a pierce arrow. I like your car, it has real character. I did not need anywhere near the parts you will but I understand the feeling of not knowing where to turn to find them.

    lololo The first and most imporatant part for me was to find an archer!!! Funny on whats a priority in the begining. I did find an original within one weak. That was great, but also horrible. It let me know what parts truly cost as aposed to my uneducated speculation as I drooled over my car before I bought it.

    Everyone on this site will be more than willing to help you find what you need and will offer several opinions to help you keep your beautiful car “pierce”.

    My knowledge is far from great but if I can share any pit falls that I have already fallen into, so you don’t, feel free to ask.

    The pic is of my current project. Good luck. Rick


    Richard, wow i love your duel cowl,i would drive it just like that, looks great…is it a 29…i could use your splash aprons. Ed.



    The Texas car belonged to Jim and Dot Berkner and yes it was lost in one of the large range fires a few years ago. In happier days here’s a photo of that car when they were driving it from Texas to the Buffalo meet in 2001. Jim had junk in the gas tank and fought with changing filters in the fuel line for the entire trip. Here he’s “Out and Under”” changing the filter. It was a very nice car and was owned by Jim’s grandfather and passed down. It was a total loss in the fire.




    yes it is a 29. I have had to find parts I did not know it needed. The psa members showed me what was rong or missing. It helped me out alot. Alost of psa members came out of the wordwork to help. Im sure they will be there for you as well.



    The Model B Coupe ‘Victoria’ from the 1930 French Catalogue.


    The Model C Club Brougham from the same catalogue.


    Jak merci pour ce merveilleux exemple de la couleur . Les choses sont claires pour moi maintenant .

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