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    The week before Christmas Larry Smothers and I enjoyed a brief visit with John Parks. John is practically confined to a wheelchair. Having been unable to function in Assisted Living, he has recently moved into a Nursing Home. I’m sure John would appreciate a note from any of his many PAS Friends. His address is: Room 104, Delmar Gardens North Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation, 4401 Parker Road, Black Jack, MO 63033. Long-time Friend, PAS Member Ken Hundelt is very attentive to John…checking on his home, paying his bills, etc. This is a large sacrifice for Ken…and most fortunate for John!


    Thank you Merlin, thank you Larry, for not only and seeing John, but posting his address so we can send him a card or two.

    Greg Long


    Ken has been providing very good care for John the last few years. We should all be thankful of the kindness offered to us by our fellow PAS members. The club is not about cars, it’s all about the people. My best to all. Ed.


    John is a great source on 836A’s. He mentioned to me that he hopped

    one up as a college student and was able to do 65MPH up the old

    “grapevine”” highway to LA. This road was very steep with many turns.

    Lots of truckers got killed losing their brakes on this stretch. He’s

    a fine gentleman with a unique perspective on Pierce-Arrows. Best

    wishes to him.”

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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