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    A tensioning spring for timing chain on a series 81.


    Hello Kyle,

    Do you need just the spring, or the whole assembly including the gear and sleeve?

    If you need just the spring, can’t you find one of equal length, wire size & tension in a industrial parts supply company like McMaster-Carr.com?

    I did my timing chain last year and I am not sure the spring in the tensioner is anything special, per se.

    I have an extra assembly and I think the spring is good, but I have to look to see how hard it is to get out of the assembly.

    Please advise as to your thoughts on the matter.

    Peter Williams



    Hi Kyle,

    The tensioner on the 81 has three springs lined up in a row the center one is called a guide spring they are round springs about 3/8 OD the kind you would find at the hardware store or industrial supply co.

    To remove you would need to take the nut and large washer off the end of the tensioner you will see two holes in the end of the pot metal barrell use two tapered 1/8 round stock and slide in each hole to release the paws from the center shaft, you can now remove the tensioner from the center shaft then slide the bronze sleeve off and the springs will come out. Note each paw will have a coil spring behind it be carefull not to let them fly out and get lost they are much smaller than the tension springs.

    Hope this helps

    Joe Knowles

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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