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    Several questions. The weather seal for the glass in the top of the doors in my 1933, 1236 sedan appears to have been made of rubber and slides into a T slot and has a V or U shaped groove that makes a seal on both sides of the glass. Mine is hard, brittle and mostly not there, so i want to replace them.

    1. is there a source of supply for this seal?

    2. What years other than 1933 would use this same weather seal?

    3. If this item is not available I will make them, is anyone else in need?


    If the rubberr seal is the same on a 1934 Model 1240A, I am interested. Have you checked with Lynn Steele to see if that company makes them?


    If you look at the Steele catalog by typing inn 1933 Chrysler and then scroll down to the Side window glass header 40-0280-57 is the closest that i have found so far. The pierce arrow part was solid rubber, not foam and the T groove is only 1/2 inch wide. Also, as near as i can tell the groove where the edge of the glass seals is more of a round bottomed V instead of a square. I have a piece that is complete on one side. If we can’t find a supplier i planed to copy the cross section image and digitize it tom get a mirror image and then make a mold. I am thinking that If i make them i will make them in polyurethane instead of rubber.


    Use rubber as it will compress correctly. Poly may br stiffer. Did you check with Carr Rubber? Ed

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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