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    I decided to work on my ’33 836 water pump today. Bad choice.

    I was going to clean up the shaft of the impeller on the lathe.

    Since I don’t have a 4 jaw chuck and wanted access to the full length of the shaft, I put a 1/2″ drive socket in the chuck and inserted the square drive of the shaft in the socket and put the impeller end on a live center.

    I backed up the live center, forgetting that the shaft wasn’t held by the chuck, and the shaft went crashing to the floor, breaking off an ear of the impeller. I could braze it, but I would rather replace it.

    So does anyone have a shaft assembly Part number 700422, or just the impeller Part number 734150. For a 1933 836, maybe other years?


    I should be able to help you. I will check this afternoon. Bill Witmer



    Thanks for your help.



    Well, fellow PAer’s Herb Tull (technical advice) Bill Witmer, (new shaft and impeller) and all the way from New Zealand, Bruce Skinner, came to the rescue. I got one good shaft and impeller, which I promptly dropped and broke, and a new shaft.

    I had was in the process of doing a P******D 12 water pump and compared it to the Pierce. It is made of brass/bronze and was a near perfect match so I installed it on the new shaft.

    WP shaft

    I decided to rebuild it as originally manufactured. I thought about going the modern route, but opted for originality.

    I was able to source an oversized bronze flanged sleeve that I was able to machine to fit.

    One problem was how to drill the grease hole in the bushing. I didn’t want to just drill through the threaded hole for the grease cup as I was worried about damaging the threads.  I looked around and found a break line fitting for the Morgan that threaded into the hole and it served as a pilot to drill the grease hole.

    So all that is left is making a gasket, packing the shaft, grease cup with water pump grease and assembly.


    To seal the shaft, I am using marine flax 1/4″ packing. It is PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene, say that after 3 martini’s), impregnated.

    This is the same stuff I use in the stuffing boxes on the rudder and propshaft of my ’46 mahogany Century runabout. The China thing is unfortunate.


    Cut the ends of the packing at a 45 degree angle, same direction. End up being about 3 7/8″ long.

    Coat the inside of the packing with synthetic lubricant and insert one end and wrap it around the shaft, pushing it down into the groove between the shaft and housing.

    I used a flat blade screwdriver to pack it into the opening.

    I ended up using 3 rings or about 3/4″ of packing. I rotated the ends of the rings 60 degrees from the ends of the previous ring.

    Then place the brass compression ring over the shaft.



    Then screw on the packing nut and tighten enough to get a little compression.


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