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    Does anyone have any information on the care and feeding of Westinghouse air shocks/springs for a 1914 Model 38?



    Ralph: The Arrow Series 85, Model 2 (85-2) pages 18 to 23 has very detailed information on the Westinghouse Air Springs. Also, the late Henry E. Becker had a small booklet reproduced on the service of the air springs. Possibly a member who has a copy can have it duplicated for you.


    Ralph: I should have mentioned to check under “Member Pages”” “”Back Issues”” to get a copy of The Arrow 85-2.”


    Ralph: I have the Becker booklet back in Minnesota, but I won’t be back up there until May. If you haven’t found a copy by then, let me know and I’ll copy it for you.


    Hi Ralph,

    The “Becker booket” was reprinted in PASB 86-1. As Paul J. points out, back issues are available via the “Member Pages -> Back Issues” page…

    Paul Morris

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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