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    I have read the previous discussions about the need for wheel locks and being someone who needs them myself I have looked into making a batch of them. I make over 350 reproduction parts for WW2 halftracks so I am not new to this kind of thing.

    The price will depend on how many are made so I am posting this to get an idea of how many are needed. Please let me know how many you think you would want and I will add it to the list.

    Unfortunately these will not be cheap due to the fact that there are 3 separate parts that make up a wheel lock: lock body, bolt and nut. Making a quantity of 25 the price will be $65 each and at a quantity of 50 the price will be $50 each. So the more people who respond the less expensive they will be. Like I said, they are pricy but they will be custom machined and will be perfect.




    I’d be interested in at least 2.

    I have one missing from a spare tire now but I would be willing to have at least 2 on the shelf.


    I would be willing to order at least 2 also.



    I would be interested in a couple for spares.


    I’d take at least one full set, for a sidemount car, so 6 for me.

    One concern is the hardness of the metal used, the pins on the back of the lock elongated washer that fit into the holes in the ends of the lock ring need to be reasonably hard. I’ve seen quite a few with the pins rusted. or worn off to just nubs.

    Would a stainless steel alloy work ? That way they could be polished for the ‘chrome’ look, or painted, or actually chrome plated if needed.

    Greg Long


    They will be made from 4140 tool steel so durability will not be a factor. I believe the originals were made of cast steel.



    Hi Paul

    I could use 4 of the wheel locks.



    These locks were not used on 1934-38, as those wheels were drop center style. I believe they were used only 1929-31, possibly 1932?

    Surely someone else with better knowledge than I could say exactly….


    32 were Kelsey-Hayes drop center, 18 inch.


    Hi Paul!

    The 1931 EDL owned by the Museum is missing one lock. Since we have three 1931’s as well as a 2’29 and ’30 in the Foundation’s collection, put me down for 4 at least, maybe more. Let’s make sure we talk in Buffalo.

    Thanks for pursuing this project to benefit P-A owners!

    Best regards,




    Put me down for 4.

    Thank you for your efforts!



    I would like 4 PLEASE





    I would like to get 5 from you.




    I would like to up my request from two to four. Do you have any idea when the completion date will be?

    Thanks, Rick


    What will be the final cost as I may want to get more than the two I mentioned earlier? I definitely want two and I just might want to get two more.



    Please put me down for two.




    How much just for the 6 bolts? Jim


    Jim and everyone else,

    No individual parts will be sold separately for two reasons. The original nuts and bolts were made with an odd undersized thread. The new bolts and nuts have been made with a standard size so the reproduction bolts or nuts will not properly fit on an original counter part. The second reason is all of these parts are being made in sets and if I start breaking them up I’m going to be stuck with a bunch of parts I will have a lot of money in and can’t sell. I’ve been down that road too many times in the past.




    Thanks for the update. Let me know when done and Ill send a check off for 4. Thanks much, Rick


    Please let me know when they are ready also.I would like four.I will need the price and address.

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