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    Can anyone verify if the is the correct pinstripe pattern for a ’33  836?




    I don’t think that there was a “correct” wheel striping pattern.

    I believe that the customer either indicated which pattern they wanted on their wheels, or they took what was available.

    Before I had the wheels on my Series 80 re-striped, I spent lots of time photographing the striping on many Pierce-Arrow cars.

    I did that at at that year’s PAS Meet.

    The striping patterns are as different as the automobiles.

    Photos to follow.











    What did you think?

    Wide and varied pinstripes, eh?

    That’s it for now!

    Good hunting!





    Wow what a collection of artwork.

    Thanks for taking the time.




    1933 17″ wire wheels were either painted following the company’s color schemes or if the vehicle was a salon model (chrome outside horns, chrome radiator shell and shutters, right rear tail light, additional paint colors available etc,) a 3/4″ appearance ring (named in parts catalog) or trim ring was applied where the striping on your wheel is located.  Both wood wheel(natural or painted) and steel wheels (painted or chrome plated) were available and could have had striping applied.  Also Budd stainless steel wheels were available as an accessary wheel, but are not listed in the parts book.  I do not remember observing striping on welded wire wheels but obviously a former owner wanted that special effect…wire wheel with trim ring

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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