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    Like the subject says, anyone have an idea why the headlights on this car are yellow? (Hopefully the photograph is attached.)

    The car is a 1933 Model 836 which has been advertised here.


    This car may have old plastic based replacement lenses that degrade

    after many years.The silvered reflector may be tarnished and a polish

    job could remedy it(or needs a replating).It may be cheap and easy to

    remedy or if you need glass lenses,it’s expensive if you’re lucky to

    find them(I have 7 mos.,plus enough to purchase a’60s Rambler into

    replacing the yellowed lenses on my ’35.I am still in need of an

    auxillary glass lense).



    My guess would be the nickel plating on the reflectors is gone.

    One headlight on our ’26 Rickenbacker is like that.


    Headlamp reflectors should be replated in silver as original.Chrome plating and nickel plating do not reflect as well as silver.


    I like a nice purple glass jar or lamp that has been left out in the sun for an extended length of time. I have also seen a couple of 1934-35 Pierce-Arrows, mine for one, that used a urethane or plastic of some sort for the lens. Those lenses did give a purple hue when allowed to age and see the light of day, just like antique glass. Its not a major distraction, but I don’t prefer the antique purple on the front of my Pierce-Arrow. I would also think that the yellow is from over polishing of the reflector which removes the silver and exposes the brass reflector and yields that rich, but yellow, appearance you are seeing. Get them re silvered.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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