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    Dear All,

    We have just purchased a Pierce Arrow a month ago and we need some spare parts to be like new!. We are from Canary Islands and I would like to have some information about the Wind Wings (small windows outside)

    I attache a picture with the windows we need and I would be very grateful if you could help me.

    Than you very much for your kindly help.

    Rosa Castillo


    Do you have the mounting brackets and just need the glass, or do you need the complete wind wing, glass and bracket?


    Good Morning David!,

    Thank you very much for your answer.

    Yes, we need it complete wind wings (glass and bracket).





    Your best bet is to contact John Cislak (see below).  He has lots of parts for ’30s era Pierce-Arrows. If he doesn’t have any, he may know of someone that does.  I do know of a glass company that can make the glass portion, but they wouldn’t have the brackets. If you want this information, I will find it for you.

    I would like to enter your car’s information onto your PAS record, could you supply me the year, model serial and engine numbers?



    Cislak, John E.
    33 Briggs ST
    Indian Orchard, MA 01151-2105
    United States
    Home Phone: 413/543-9017
    Office Phone: 413/543-9017
    Email: [email protected]





    Hi Dave,

    Here I send you details:


    DATE: 15/01/1935


    D.2: 144D31

    CHASIS: 3025829

    Thank you very much for your kindly help.







    Hi Rosa,

    The car has been transferred to your record. We show it as a 1930 Model A Phaeton.

    Let us know if you are unable to find the wind wings.



    Beautiful car and congratulations on obtaining it!

    although I cannot help in securing windowings, I did own this car for a decade or more.  In fact in the photo at the beginning of this thread I am driving it at an airport near Marine City, Michigan.  The photo was used in an article which last appeared in OLD CARS August of 2023 issue.

    For clarification, it is a Model B, Sport Phaeton.

    I consider it one of the finest restored cars that I have ever owned!

    Will you be keeping it in the USA or the Canary Islands?

    PS:  The side curtains are cleverly hidden behind the back seat.  Loosen/remove the two chrome knobs on top of the rear seat to get it to pull forward a little to access them.

    Terry Ernest


    Hi Terry,

    I think they just used the picture of your former car to show the windwings they are looking for. By serial number, different cars. Their car has a long history in Spain.




    Hi Terry!.

    Yes!, I used the photo to show the piece we need because I didn´t know what is the name in english, I saw the picture in google. Anyway, thank you very much for the help.



    I understand.

    if you are unable to obtain them through PAS membership, you can check with Dan Sommer of American Arrow in Clawson, MI.  He might be able to make them for you.

    He is currently building a set of wind wings for my 1926 Wills Sainte Claire, although unlike the type on the 1930 P/A.

    His phone number is:  248-709-2333


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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