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    I just purchased a 1929 Dual C Phaeton. It is beautiful,even before restoration. :) I was wondering if the windshield wings are the same as the 1928, or did 29 bring in the metal frame surounding the glass. I have found what has been noted as a pair of 1928 glass wings. Should I buy them or are they differant???

    thanks for any guidance. Rick


    28 wings will not fit. I have seen 29 to 31 wings both ways but I think they should have the frame. Also, the D/C cars had one spot light on the drivers side as a factory included item.


    All the 1929 open cars came with a Lorraine spotlamp on driver’s side.If the car was fitted with windwings,the one on the driver’s side would have to be designed so as to clear the spotlamp.


    Anyone have a photo of that ’29 Loraine spotlight on ‘all’ open cars ?? I’m looking at my folding windshield supports and am currious how a spot light would be attached? Bolted to the outside of the framework?

    Greg Long


    You will notice on the left side of the windshield base right below the folding mechanism three holes that may have bolts in them.This is where the Lorraine spotlamp bracket bolts.It is sort of horn shaped.The shaft of the lamp goes through this bracket and the lamp control handle is by the steering wheel.I own a very original 1929 Sport Roadster with her original Lorraine lamp.There is no provision for windwings.The phaetons,roadster and touring cars all came with this spotlamp.It is a difficult lamp to find but you might contact American Arrow as they make new spotlamps similar to the Lorraines and may be able to supply a lamp and bracket.If you have Brooks Brierley’s book on Pierce Arrow,there is a factory photo of a 1929 Roadster with the Lorraine lamp.The windings would have to be of a design to clear the lamp and their mounting requires drilling.I have an original accessory list for the 1929’s with all prices and do not recall windwings being on the list nor are they in the parts book.The spotlamp on the driver’s side was standard and not an option on these 1929 open cars.


    Here is a shot of the factory holes in a series 42 touring, the mirror is installed in one of the three factory holes. This car did not have a spotlight on the passenger side. I think this car has the correct wind wings. I have seen them both ways.


    Other side. This is the Jimmy Walker car, from what I could tell it only had one repaint.


    Another series 42 touring, notice the holes filled and no spotlight. Other side showed no signs of spotlight or wings.


    Other side.


    I have a factory showroom book listing all the standard items on each car from 1931. I’s filed away so I can’t get to it right now.


    Here is a 31 series 42 D/C with wind wings that look after market. Notice the correct spot light.


    A passenger’s side spotlamp would be an option possibly and an export car with right hand drive would have a right hand side spotlamp.Packard open cars in those years came with a driver’s side spotlamp but the accessory catalog shows a passenger side light as an option.Accessories like windwings were made by firms like the one who made JH Tonneau Windshields.They were made for many makes of cars.The Lorraine that was used on the 1929’s has a slightly different head design than the one used in 1930 and 1931.Again finding a nice one of these will present a challenge.


    Thank you so much for all your help. I am going to Hershey in a few weeks. I will be searching for the wings and the spot light. Another quick question. Is the chrome grill shield for the 29 an option or did some company make them for these cars. I think they look great and would like one.

    Here is my new toy. Im not sure I got a great deal, but the bottom line is I have the Pierce, and the have some money that will go away, my pierce wont :)

    Rick :)


    more pics


    one more!

    It took me two weeks of negotiating every day. I stood firm and finaly they came around. It was just another classic to them. Its a beautiful piece of history to me. :)


    p.s. It does have the drill holes for both the wings and spotlamps on both sides.


    Richard, welcome to the PAS and the exclusive “club”” of owning a Dual Cowl Pierce. They are great cars. I know a little about your car and where it came from. Give me a call and I will fill you in. Ed”


    Richard, I’ll be at Hershey, stop by the tent, Red field. RCH 42-44.


    American Arrow I believe can supply windwings along with spotlights and their brackets to fit those existing mounting holes.


    Eddie: You are at spots 40 and 41. The Model 42 DC Phaeton In our Saratoga Auto museum has the spotlite also.

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