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    When I sent my wiper motors off of my ’32 to Ficken wiper in NY he informed me that they were warped. He said he could not rebuild them nor does he have any applicable motors in stock I could use in their place.

    Does anyone have any ideas about what to do about this problem?… Has anyone had any success with anyone else?…

    I could just use the manual arm but, if I happen to get caught in a good rainstorm, that could be a problem.

    Any suggestions?…



    I used Clean Sweep (but didn’t have a warpage issue). Kent Jaquith did a very good job. Apparently Justin Develter now owns the business. Check with him about warpage and prices.

    [email protected]

    541 420 9098, 541 548 1010


    I do a lot of touring with a variety of old cars including ones which never had wipers. On pre-1950’s cars the swept area of working wipers is so small that even if the wipers work, I RELY ON RAIN-X. Don’t drive an old car without it! Their anti-fog interior product however, I can’t recommend.

    Repair of vacuum wipers can often be as simple as a squirt of light oil. If the housing is warped so that vacuum is leaking, I’d probably try careful filing to square the surfaces, much like milling heads surfaces. The membrane can be replaced with thin leather or with a modern plastic flexible film.


    Joe and Dave,

    Thank you for the advice, when I get them back I will have Ed Linn take them apart and see if they can be salvaged, if not, I will give Clean Sweep a call and see if they may have something I can use.

    Thanks again.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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