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    The 29 wheels are back. Beautiful. I had then done by precision wheel in Illinois. Unfortunately, the chrome shop they used up their estimate by quite a bit. However Precision was fantastic


    Beautiful wheel….I wouldn’t even want to know the cost, wow….they need blackwall tires though!


    Thanks Dave. Hate to say it, but they were double digits for 6. Strip, stainless spokes, chrome, assemble and true. It killed me me. However, chrome wheels was one of my have to have items.


    P.s. Fat white walls all day long. ;). Everyone in the shop is battling black wall and white wall. It’s funny that issue really gets people going.



    Gorgeous wheels! You are correct on the debate over whitewall vs. blackwall tires. I too am a whitewall fan (until I have to clean mine). On that subject, I hope you have nimble fingers when it comes time to clean those wheels!



    The ‘problem’ with whitewalls on chrome wheels is that they both are ‘bling’ and tend to cancel each other. With whitewalls, a painted black wheel with a chromed rim-ring and chrome hub caps looks as good as the chrome wheels, for a lot less $$.

    Mount up one of the tires turned around with the black side out, and take a look at them.. and make sure you clean the black sidewall, and clean the whitewalls to bright white.

    Those sure are beautiful looking wheels .. they would look awesome on a black or deep blue or very deep green car with blackwalls. The chrome wheels would look like they are lit up with spotlights.

    Did is miss an ‘engine-starting party’ announcement? Or has the engine not been started yet?

    Greg Long



    NO, noone has missed the starting party. There have been a few delays. ( I know, shocking!) The long cover that looks like a giant valve cover, other side, is still at the chromers. Secondly, the carburator was sent out to a specialist that put is through a number of special tests and diping to make sure it was good to go. It recieved a passing mark.

    If people would like to know the exact process the carb went through, I can find out. Alot of what looked like cracks were actually casting marks.

    I guess the dipping and machine that examined it determines the integrety of the metal. They did have to clean out a jet. Someone put cylicone in the carb sometime in its life.

    Hopefully, the starting party will be within a month. Fingers crossed!


    Gee………a chrome shop that is higher than the estimate………where have we heard that before? 😃


    Chrome shop guy; “Hey, I bet these are for an expensive car; double the estimate!”


    No, more like “Hey, double the estimate”…I won’t tell the whole story, but I had a chrome guy give me a verbal price on a number of pieces, then as he was writing it up 5 minutes later the price went up $200 on one of them….his wife happened to be sitting at a desk next to the laid out parts, he asked her what he had said, and she admitted to the lower price….nice to have a witness!!


    G’day—Jak’s two bobs worth

    The eternal white v black walls & chrome wire wheels discussion. From an Aussie perspective (Although we are also catching the bug out here) Chrome wire wheels & whitewalls are almost a unique American cultural icon. People make THE WHEELS the subject of a totally separate artistic composition & so the impact of the whole car is a multiple of items fighting each other for attention instead of being a harmonious whole.Sort of like painting each column of the Parthenon in Athens a different bright color. At least when we attend a PAS meet we are not like a British Vintage Bentley meet that is British Racing Green & fake Le Mans bodies as far as the eye can see. Apologies ahead of time if I offend! By the way Rick

    whatever gives YOU a BUZZ is what it is about!!!! You paid the BUCKS!!!Cheers—-jak. PS.



    I don’t necessisarily disagree with your logic, but I must dissent on your conclusion.

    If you place the pieces together, although drastically different, the right pieces and colors will flow together like the different instruments in a symphony. If in sycn, the result is beautiful and unshakeable. In my case, unshakeable, understated elegance :)

    No harm no foul everyone else has their right to their opinions. :) Rick


    Rick, the wheels are gorgeous and will look great on your car.

    Though, I don’t envy the work it will take to keep them looking great. :)

    Can’t wait for the finished product.


    Rick olde Chap

    Yer right of course—but it is good fun to discuss these things on this message board without people getting too upset. Is your orchestra going to play Bach or Beethoven? Jak


    Wouldn’t Jolson, Miller, or Satchmo be more timely?

    Ed Minnie, did Pierce make any four wheel drive stuff? David Coco, John Wozney, James Powell and many others will be needing one in the next 24 hours here in Virginia. David promised Snowmageddon II pics, as he lives in the bullseye. Should be fun, Not!

    Jak, you can always make us feel bad by giving a weather report from down under. By the way, can you get non-ethanol gas there?



    I was thinking more in the lines of great balls of Fire. Lolo. Jak, I agree, it’s fun to poke the bear with a stick some times. ;)

    I must confess, I am not looking forward to keeping those bad boys clean. There is always a cost for vanity. Lolol




    It’s -15 in Minnesota. What is the weather there? My Chromer has gone Mia for the past three weeks. Starting to worrie. We just need the water jacket from him and I believe the starting party is very close behind.



    Cheers to all you ice & snow bunnies. I sit here without AC in a nice 28C degrees. Occasionally 33C. That’s a bit sweaty when changing tyres on 96 year old Pierce ropey split rim wheels!

    BUT sun sand & surf is ONLY 10 miles of home!!!

    Rick’s starting party will need a blow torch to the manifold in the temperatures you are having! Plus the guests will need a healthy noggin of Schnaps!

    The music

    I wonder what the elite 1929 Pierce buyer preferred back then? I like Rick’s JLL Great Balls of Fire!!! Hope it is NOT prophetic!

    No nonethanol gas here. BUT you Yankees are buying gas at around 30 cents a litre!!! While we have to be ripped off to the tune of $1.46!!!!!

    We have just returned from a 1000km run in our 1929 Pierce & the Credit card has MELTED!!!

    Rick —wire wheel cleaning is one of life’s little torture customs!! I have 7 wire wheeled Antique & Classic cars. Thank goodness our Pierce has wood wheels!!! seeya sometime—Jak of OZ.

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