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    Does anyone have a copy of this wiring diagram? Thanks.

    Ev Young


    Ev — I don’t think I have ever seen a wiring diagram for a Pierce body. The chassis (and under cowl) wiring diagrams are readily enough available, of course. I have seen maybe half a dozen 1929 and 1930 chassis with the upholstery (and often much of the wood) gone. The wires seem to have been routed wherever it was convenience, generally through holes in the wood members. The routing is probably quite difference for different body styles.

    I presume you are thinking about refreshing the wiring in a body.


    The chassis wiring is very professionally done, but the body wiring looks like it was done by a kid out of kindergarten. All the lights are grounded to the body sheet metal, but I also ran a #12 gauge covered wire to each one and then to a point on the chassis next to where the battery was grounded. This gives BRITE lights. There is a door jamb switch on the rear passenger side. One side is connected to the outside Courtesy lights on the splash pans, and also to one of the lamps in the overhead light. Another switch is mounted on the right rear side wall. It is connected to the other overhead light, and to the corner lights. Both switches remaining connections are connected to the connector block found on the drivers side over the gas tank at the rear. When running the wires, keep in mind that some day you may get a short. All wires, including the grounds should be well covered. There are no flexible BX cables to run these wires through, but you can get some at the restoration shops. If you have a usable cigar lighter in the rear, be sure you run a #12 set of wires from the lighter to the battery side of the ammeter under the dash and to the dash ground.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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