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    Has anyone had experience with wiring harnesses from Rhode Island Wiring, Narragansett Reproductions, or YNZ Yesterdays Parts? Was it good? Was the wiring harness accurately reproduced? Thanks.



    For years I’ve bought all the wiring harness I’ve used–until the one I used on my 1936 coupe, from Y&Z. It was a bad, bad experience! I now use Rhode Island Wiring, it may be a honey moon; but, so far, no complaints,



    I use Rhode Island, they are very nice kits.



    What kind of problem did you have with YNZ? They are in So California as am I so it would be convenient to drive over to get stuff.



    I used a Narragansett wiring harness set on my 1937 Cord, excellent quality and fit.

    I ordered on phone while looking at website, and when it came the invoice was well over the prices listed on the website. I settled with them, but make sure if you use these guys to ask about price updates.


    I got my 1703 harness from Y n Z and the only difficulty was the small difference between their 1803 pattern (from Eric Roseneau’s car) and the 1703, which Gene Zdunowski promptly resolved. Perfect repro harness.


    In Rhode Island, one company is owned by the mother and father, and the other by a son. As I recall, I had better luck with the son’s company than the parents. Eddie, which is which?


    I think it’s brothers. I have used both, but I like Rhode Island better. I have installed 5 of them so far. I have one on the shelf right now for my 1931 Series 42. Ed


    Skinned Knuckles did an article on masking your own wiring harness in the August 2013 issue.

    It is worthy of review.


    Don’t we have ‘reprint’ permission with Skinned Knuckles ? Maybe that wiring harness article would be a good one for the next Service Bulletin ??

    Greg Long


    Are the templates that the various providers have based on a sedan and is there any significant difference between a sedan and a coupe that needs to be accounted for?

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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