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    My latest goal that seemed still possible was to drive my Pierce to the Bueltton meet in June, but fate (not my turtle restoration pace) has ended that one. I thought with the supply shortages I had better get an order in for tires before I am ready for them,  but already too late. Tires seem to be completely out of stock nationwide and only one source is foolish enough to post a proposed delivery date: June. Still awaiting some fabric to even get packaged for shipment two weeks and counting. Some paint needed to finish is backordered because the manufacturer is missing a minor ingredient.





    I have a new set of 5, 7.50 x 17, white walls.




    The tire size for a 1935 Model 845 is 7:00 x 17.


    I have 700-17’s on back order, they are the same size used on my Packard (the car is sitting on old worn tires from the Packard) I also ordered tubes that should be here next week. Re-researching the tubes I discovered I probably ordered tubes that weren’t ideal for the Packard a few years ago, the valve stem offset wasn’t quite  right and they were “import”. The thread from a few years ago on tube problems found that USA made tubes were a available, and luckily I found a USA tube in the Firestone catalog with proper offset and valve stem. The weight of that tube is stated to be about 50% heavier than the import, so likely it is a bit thicker and hopefully more robust. I ordered that specific firestone part number, hopefully it will be as stated.



    What’s the part number for the Firestone tubes you ordered?



    Search “Firestone tube” in this message board; in May, 2019, I’d posted a catalog link, the applicable tube P/N and ordering information from a Firestone dealer.  Min order qty is 1 case of 10 tubes.  This should help,



    I just received them, see pic for part number. I confirmed they weigh over 3 lbs each instead of a bit over 2 lbs each listed for the imports. They are listed as having a 3/4″ valve stem offset which is what I measured on my wheels. The applications for what appears to be the same tube except for the smaller TR13 valve stem include some 17″ diameter wheels and there is some overlap in sizes with this one with the 5/8″ dia valve stem. Note their date of mfg was Sept 2021. tire tubes

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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