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    hi, does anyone know what make/type of carburetor would have been on this model truck, they were made from 1923 -27/8 approx, large 4 cyl twin ign motor, updraft carb, thanks mike.



    From my XA parts catalog I show the Pierce number to be T-74758 and the Stromberg number to be A-6572-MP-2

    For your amusement I’ve attached a scan of the carburetor page from the manual


    thanks william, now i no what i’m looking for, do you own one of these trucks too ?, starter motor and generator are missing as well, i’ve been told these were made by westinghouse, any chance your parts catalogue can verify, thanks again, mike.


    Here are the pages. It appears that the starter and generator should be Delco. I don’t own one of the trucks, I just acquired the manual.

    It looks like I can only post one photo per response, so I create a second response for the other one.


    Second picture of the generator


    thank you william, now to start looking, i do have an owners manual but it dosent go into to much detail, just basics of caring for the truck- operating, greasing etc, cheers mike.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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