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    I was trying to see if I could use an original 1933 plate on my car and I came up with this site for reference.

    I was disappointed to see you can’t repaint a plate in GA.


    Forgot, look under the DMV info tab.



    New York doesn’t allow plates to be painted either, but most people I know restores them anyway. In NY, if the particular year had two plates, you need to register a set of plates. NY requires that you send them a photograph of the plates. Most people send them a photo of the plates (before restoration) and then go ahead and restore the plates as soon as they send the paperwork into the state. I have a couple of friends that restored the plates, backed away on the photograph a bit and sent the registration paperwork in anyway. Guess what, DMV didn’t say a word! After all, the first thing they look for is the check!




    In Massachusetts, you cannot register a car with refinished YOM plates, so register the car with the old plates at the DMV and then have them refinished.

    You only have to show them the plates once.



    In the overall cost of things, I know it doesn’t matter, but just for reference: repainting a plate devalues it to a license plate collector. Most such collectors prefer original paint on the plate, even if not in perfect condition. Someone putting YOM plates on a car may not care, of course.

    If you can find a nice set of plates, consider using them unrestored, there’s character in that patina!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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