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    Both of the UU2 bodies that I have for my ’29 are cracked to the extent that I am going to a non-original carb for driving and make one operational UU2 for show. Daytona Parts has Zenith 267 universal for $550 that they say has been used successfully by other Pierce owners.

    I will have to fabricate an adapter to fit and the carb is only a single barrel. Is this a problem?

    Does anyone have success with this conversion or recommend another carb?

    Thanks in advance.


    Before you give up on a UU-2, talk to John Cislak – Classic Auto Restoration. He is collecting pieces and parts that may help you. I would not move from a two barrel carb to a single! There are 1930 model C intake manifolds (single barrel) that are available also. Also Dave Murray of Murray-Blonder. Both in vendor section of this web site.



    I wouldn’t put a single barrel on. The manifolding is design for a duplex carburetor. What parts have cracked on your UU2? A UUR-2 is an option as it was used on some 31 and 32 eight cylinder models.

    E-mail me with your needs and perhaps I can come up with something.

    [email protected]



    Greg, I’m sure John Cislak has a good body on the shelf, he is out of town till Tuesday, give him a call. Ed

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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