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Thanks to all for your interest and comments. I accept Bob Sand’s sugestion to call it a side-door hearse. There are absolutely no seams in the metal of the wide rear doors. The body door posts are just like in a regular sedan — wood with steel covering. There are four hinges on each door (one more than on a sedan). Except for the length and the wide rear doors the body is just like a sedan body. (I have a 1929 and a 1930 sedan both with all the upholstery gone, so I know what the wood in the body looks like.) The doors have two extra vertical wood pieces running down from the window sills, and two diagonal braces running from under the windows down and back to the rear wood member of the door. There is no rear door and all the metal skin is stamped steel. The body has a body data plate that is just like the Pierce ones, and in fact the number (125-S-1880) is a sedan number. I think the whole body was built by Pierce-Arrow.