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    HI Everyone,

    A few years ago my 1929 DC Phaeton was rescued from a 1 car garage. Its existence was known for a while but wasn’t rescued until years later. The car was sent to a few different auctions. No sale! It finally came to rest in New York. After a year of traveling and sitting in New York, a starry eyed, and quite naive ,”i cand do that.. guy”, decided to adopt the beast. The car traveled to Zimmerman Minnesota. A bit larger than Mayberry, but not much. I seriously doubt a piece ever traveled that far into the country back then. No estates around here. lolol

    The car almost was kidnapped by the shippers. With a little help from my 270lb English mastiff and the local sheriff the shippers decided the original shipping price was just fine. It then rolled into my garage. I was thrilled and overwhelmed. “what the hell did you do now Rick” I said to myself.

    A few days later the overwhelming, wallet breaking, journey began. You all have been there, being helpful and kind along the way. THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE.

    The reason for this post is to let you know, that tomorrow, the beast will be started, with a CLASSY folding chair interior, and driven for the first time in almost 70 years under its own power. There is a small circle around the block by the mechanics shop. That’s the mapped out course. .3 of a mile . I cant wait to see that 6000lb beast move. Yes, a video will be taken.

    A few more cosmetic things and a visit from a biker gang to my chromer should finish it up before its off for its interior and top. The last leg and last wallet breaking adoption fee.

    Thanks again to everyone for their knowledge, rare parts you allowed me to have, and the fun along the way. We won’t mention the profanity dances along the way!! lolo

    More to come. Rick


    Congrats Rick, I’m looking forward to seeing it soon.



    Great news, Rick.

    I know your restoration has been a long, labor of love.


    Yay Rick! Congrats!


    A properly restored car does not need a tow truck, even when shaking it down.


    Edgar; they are helpful tho


    Hi all,

    The mechanic called to tell me he was ready to roll. My phone rolled over to voice mail that I did not recieve for two days. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

    The car was driven 18 miles. It did not overheat, and performed perfectly. I am so sad that i missed it.

    I am sickened that I missed the inaugral drive. However, Im thrilled that it came to life. After 70 years. I was told, all spectators smiled wayved and asked questions as they drove by. “what the hell is that”. lolo Ed, NO TOW TRUCK WAS IN SIGHT. LOLOL THANK GOD!!! ;)

    I heard about them washing it and making it super nice to look at. I wanted to cry. lolol oH WELL, I OWN IT AND WILL GET A LIFE TIME TO LOOK AT IT. The mechanic said it looked awesome. He can not wait to see the final buff out.

    Pictures soon.

    p.s. They said their seat was not a folding chair but several blankets folded on top of another to make a cummfy seat. It worked jusit fine. lolol 18 miles were logged on the cars brand new automotive life. 125hp ready to drag any Packard of the ame era. :)))



    Any time during shake down, a “round trip” is all one can ask for. Sounds like a good place to start so the car can get dialed in.


    Congrats on the successful maiden voyage.

    Pierces do love to run.


    Well done Rick

    Keep taking the “Calm Me Down”” pills! I just need the “”Anti Envy””ones! Rust dust sure is addictive—(And EXPENSIVE!!!). Cheers




    Congratulations on your long journey. Your contributions to saving a bit of

    America’s history must be noted. If I ever get into a situation where my

    painter thinks that he is more worthy of my car than I am, again, can I

    borrow your biker gang, please?



    You should consider your mechanic’s drive a “Test Drive / Shakedown Cruise.”

    The Maiden Drive comes when the OWNER takes his Maiden out for a spin in his spiffy, beautifully restored, 1929, Model 133, Dual Cowl Phaeton, Pierce-Arrow Motorcar.



    Hey Doc,

    I like your style. A bit of leather and top to go. But when tis done, its all mine. :)))))




    mmmmm? I might have to save up for a tank of gas!!!!


    Hi all,

    A comment and question from the mechanic.

    He indicated there is a slight “whrrr” in 1st and 2nd gear. 3rd is dead quiet and runs smooth as silk.

    Is the slight “wrrrr” in the first two gears normal for a Pierce???

    Thanks, Rick


    Normal, no. As long as it’s not grinding I would run with it for a while. I would determine if it’s transmission, often a water pump or generator is the culprit. Drive the car, pop it in neutral see if the noise goes away. Spend some time playing with it. Could be the transmission was set set up tight. Did you rebuild it with new bearings? How about the clutch and flywheel.


    If the “whrr” is identical in 1st and 2nd gear, it is likely not the transmission, but still could be the clutch, flywheel, or possibly, but not likely the throwout bearing. (that makes noise with the clutch engaged) It may be crazy, but put a microphone in the engine compartment and record the noise at various speeds. If necessary, change the location of the mic.


    Make that disengaged, as in pushed in.

    Still recovering from 3 hours of bone surgery, sorry…


    I’d be willing to bet that the “whrrr” that was heard was the driver going too fast in first and second gear.

    I let a friend of mine drive my Pierce, and he’s into muscle cars. I had a hard time explaining to him that first is just to get moving, second is to get moving just a little faster, and if you’re not in high at 10 to 15 miles per hour, then you’re not driving it correctly.

    You do NOT have to wind it out in low gear like the newer (i.e. 1960’s) cars….


    Not only do you NOT HAVE To wind it ou in First gear, as David indicates, just get it moving, MAX 5-mph, and then shift gently into Second gear.

    I am the KING of Gear Clashing in my Series 80.

    Lord, I HATE doing it, and the more I drive the car each driving season, the less I do it.

    I just BEAM when I make a Clash-less shift.

    BTW, does the 1929 have a Clutch Brake?

    I was told that on the Series 80, if one pushes the clutch pedal all the way to the floor, it causes a Clash when one shifts because it stops one of the transmission components from spinning.

    Maybe that is accurate, but maybe I just Clash.

    It also may have something to do with my standard driving outfit, which is PURPLE & GREEN!


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